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Students in the Permafrost Lab

We currently have several students either following a thesis or just working in our lab:

  • Benjamin Jones (Ph.D. studies in Interdisciplinary Geosciences)

See Ben's website for more information

  • Elchin Jafarov (Ph.D. studies in Geophysics)

See Elchin's website for more information

  • Prajna Regmi (Ph.D. studies in Geophysics)

See Prajna's website for more information

  • Meghan Tillapaugh (M.S. in Interdisciplinary Geosciences)

Meghan is working on remote sensing of thermokarst lakes in the Kolyma Lowlands, Siberia. She uses various optical satellite data to map lakes and lake dynamics and relates these dynamics to geology, permafrost and climate changes in the region over the observation period 1960-2008. Meghan works with Corona, Hexagon, Landsat, and Alos PRISM data.

  • Mike LaDouceur (B.Sc. studies in geology)

Mike is helping out with various work in the lab. His current interest is in analyzing sediment samples from an ice wedge cast exposed in a lake shore bluff on the Seward Peninsula to find out about paleoenvironmental implications of the sediments structure and composition. He is an allround helper with field work, and has traveled with us to the North Slope and the Seward Peninsula.

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