Nicholas Hasson

Student employee

About Me

Undergraduate Student, Department of Geosciences

Research Interests

Permafrost Dynamics, Permafrost Associated Terrestrial Gas Hydrates, Geological Methane Emissions

Current Projects

Earthscope USArray Permafrost database implementation with Dr. Dmitry Nicolsky

PANDORA Instrument, Atmospheric Science and Climate Lab with Dr. Jinqui Mao and graduate student Sujai Banerji 


B.A. University of Alaska Fairbanks, Geology - Earth Systems Science (2019)

Volcanology and Siesmology Field School, Kamchatka, Russia - Summer 2018
Glacier Field School, Altai Mountains, Russia - Summer(s) 2017/2018
Permafrost Field School, Sakha Republic, Russia - Summer 2016
Permafrost Field School, Svalbard, Norway - Summer 2015

B.A Wayne State University, Philosophy of Science - 2011/15