New paper on Thermokarst Lake Dynamics just published in JGR Biogeosciences was selected as Editors' Highlight

A second paper resulting from our group's work on permafrost and thermokarst dynamics, funded by NASA Carbon Cycle Sciences and NSF Arctic Program, was selected as Editors' Highlight in Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences and as Research Spotlight in EOS (vol. 92, iss. 45, p. 408). The paper led by PhD student Benjamin Jones reported on remote sensing-derived results of thermokarst lake change in the Cape Espenberg Lowland of the northern Seward Peninsula, Alaska. While all lakes were found to be expanding at average rates of 0.3m per year for a 56-period, many larger lakes disappeared due to catastrophic drainage, resulting in a net loss of lake area with potential implications for changes in carbon cycle dynamics of thermokarst lakes vs. resulting wetlands.