Under construction: This site lists outreach activities in which GIPL members are involved.

The Cryospheric Connection, since 2009

The Cryospheric Connection to Understanding Climate Change is a NASA-funded two-year program that began in Fall 2009. The goal of the program is to develop an online professional development course for secondary teachers to increase climate literacy and knowledge about Earth system science. The thematic focus of the course is on permafrost and examining how this changing element of the cryosphere affects Earth as a whole. A NASA Global Climate Change Education project, Cryospheric Connection provides instruction that mimics NASA climate science research and makes use of NASA resources, data, and technology.

Dr. Vladimir Romanovsky, Dr. Guido Grosse, Dr. Ronnie Daanen, Ben Jones, and Elchin Jafarov participate as scientific experts and helped develop the class curriculum and contributed data to this program. See the Cryospheric Connection website for details.

UNITE US, since 2009

The UNITE US curriculum focuses on Arctic climate and interweaves Native and Western perspectives with the ultimate goal of instilling cultural pride, increasing climate literacy as a path to academic success and graduation for Interior Alaskan students in grades 7 through 12.

Dr. Guido Grosse and Dr. Ronnie Daanen collaborate as scientific experts with the NASA-funded UNITE US outreach program at the Geophysical Institute. See the UNITE US website for details.

Permafrost Young Researchers Network Bibliography, since 2005

Dr. Guido Grosse develops and maintains the Permafrost Young Researchers Thesis Bibliography. This bibliography provides references to more than 1100 theses related to permafrost research. See the PYRN-Bib website for details and for download.