Supercomputer Essential for Permafrost Modeling

Geophysical Institute Quarterly, volume 22, number 4, 2010. Dr. Sergei Marchenko of the GI Permafrost Lab was featured. From the article, "Geophysical Institute permafrost researchers rely on the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center to help create simulations predicting the future of permafrost in both Alaska and Siberia. 'We can expect degradation of the current permafrost'," said Dr. Marchenko. "Using what researchers know as the GIPL2-MPI parallel transient model for the Alaska permafrost study, Marchenko was part of a team including the institute's Vladimir Romanovsky, Ronald Daanen, graduate student Elchin Jafarov, John Walsh of the International Arctic Research Center, and Nancy Fresco and Scott Rupp of the Scenarios Network for Alaska Planning at the University of Alaska Fairbanks." The Geophysical Institute Quarterly, 22, 4, will be online shortly.