Frontier Scientists - Permafrost Videos

Main Content Inline SmallFairbanks, Alaska,  January 31, 2012--- Permafrost is an underground phenomena but three new videos, with beautiful footage and photos, allow you to see permafrost with your own eyes. 

University of Alaska-Fairbanks scientists Vladimir Romanovsky, Sergey Marchenko, and Ronald Daanen describe permafrost in videos “It’s a Bore Hole”, “The Permafrost Tilted House” and“Permafrost Patterns”

We should get to know more about permafrost; it will be with us for a while. “To completely kill permafrost even in interior Alaska will take hundreds and hundreds of years, yet active degradation of permafrost will have immediate impacts,” said Dr Romanovsky, professor with the Permafrost Lab in the Geophysical Institute.

A dramatic example of permafrost influence is revealed in “The Permafrost Tilted House”. This videos shows how practical solutions helped right the precarious situation for the home of Ruth Macchioni and her family living over permafrost.