All good things come in threes: Third paper on permafrost and thermokarst dynamics highlighted by JGR Biogeosciences

A third paper resulting from our group's work on permafrost and thermokarst dynamics, funded by NASA Carbon Cycle Sciences and the NSF Arctic Program, was now selected as Editors' Highlight in Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences and as Research Spotlight in EOS.

Frontier Scientists - Permafrost Videos

Main Content Inline SmallFairbanks, Alaska,  January 31, 2012--- Permafrost is an underground phenomena but three new videos, with beautiful footage and photos, allow you to see permafrost with your own eyes. 

University of Alaska-Fairbanks scientists Vladimir Romanovsky, Sergey Marchenko, and Ronald Daanen describe permafrost in videos “It’s a Bore Hole”, “The Permafrost Tilted House” and“Permafrost Patterns”

Vista Data Vision software and web interface

Recently the Permafrost Laboratory has purchased a software package from Vista Engineering, Vista Data Vision.  This software will help us organize our data into a MySQL database while at the same time providing a web interface to view and interact with the data.  At first we will be adding only those sites with real-time data to the database but soon we hope to also have offline sites and archived historical data avaible.  You can access the Vista Data Vision web interface here



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