Permafrost Science at GIPL

@paulhugel Permafrost Lab #Periscope360. Interactive panoramic live webcast (archived) [Safari and Mobile browsers not supported. Smart phones must install free Periscope App for full navigation (iOS and Android supported).]


A new video from our friend Paul Hugel featuring Alex, Vlad and the HOBO ONSET sensors and data loggers.

GIPL Cold Room

More videos from Paul Hugel. This one is about the Cold Room with Dr. Alexander Kholodov.

Sensor Deployment UAF Permafrost Lab by Paul Garrett Hugel

Our friend Paul Garrett Hugel ( visited with us at our lab last summer. He has produced a video of our lab members Drs. Alexander Kholodov and Santash Panda at a Boreal Forest Permafrost Observatory site near the UAF Campus.


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