2016 Canadian High Arctic Research Excursion

Follow Vladimir, Bill and Louise on their reconnaissance to permafrost monitoring stations across Canada to Isachsen and back by DeLorme / Garmin GPS at https://share.delorme.com/UAFPermafrost. R. Muskett reporting from Lab Control.



Ice-Wedge Melting Across The Arctic: Tipping Point Reached?

A new research paper in Nature Geosience, Vladimir Romanovsky contributing author.

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2015 Press Conference

New projections of permafrost change in Alaska’s North Slope suggest far-reaching effects will come sooner than expected; Prof. Vladimir Romanovsky. Video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49kqqPIrNQA

A Tale of Two Futures for North Slope Alaska Permafrost

What could the future hold for North Slope Alaska permafrost? Climate Central has the story and Prof. Vladimir Romanovsky gives the details Andrea Thompson. http://www.climatecentral.org/news/warming-could-mean-major-thaw-alaska-...


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