Vaskiny Dachy CALM


Persons responsible for observations:

Marina O. Leibman,

Affiliation: Earths Cryosphere Institute SB RAS, Tyumen, Russia


Topography: The III fluvial-marine plain, hilltop.

Geology: Thin interbedding of sandy, silty, clayer and peaty deposits.


Vegetation: 1-3 cm moss-lichen cover.



  • surface borehole (1.5m), ID 3_52
  • Soil Temperature profiles
  • Active layer thickness

Site Location Map


lat: 70.283611° | long: 68.907194° | elev: 37 m


Borehole data hosted by CADIS

2010, 2011, 2012, 20132014, 2015

Active Layer data hosted by CALM


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