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Scientists Find More Gigantic Craters in Northern Russia: Could Shallow Gas Explosions From Thawing Permafrost Be The Cause?

A recent article in Daily Mail, 23 February 2015, has new details and information of the mysterious "craters" of Yamal and many more across northern Russia. Near one of new found craters local residents spoke of a "flash of light".

Live From AGU: Most of Alaska's Permafrost Could Thaw During This Century

This week, Dr. Santosh Panda and others of the GI Permafrost Lab presented findings on the current state and future of permafrost in Alaska. The science blog Livescience, has the story here:

Permafrost Change versus Infrastructure: Permafrost Wins

Geophysical Institute Geophysics Professor Vladimir E. Romanovsky gave an interview to KNBA 90.3 FM and was broadcast on December 12 2014.

Professor Romanovsky gave insight to how permafrost change can affect human infrastructures like homes. When permafrost, perennially frozen ground contains a significant proportion of ice (frozen water) and the ice melts as the permafrost thaws, look out, the result can be very bad for home owners! The interview text is here:

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