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Tibet Plateau 2014

2014-Cranes beneath the Solifluction [Tibet-May-2014].jpg

Dr. Sergey Marchenko of the GI Permafrost Lab field research visit to the Tibet Plateau, and Lanzhou city, Gansu Province, China. Working for ten days at of 4,500-4,800 m asl was a challenging experience.

FrostByte by lab member Bill Cable

Bill Cable is a Research Professional and masters student in the lab and has created this FrostByte showcasing some of our research in Barrow as part of the NGEE project.

High-Resolution Permafrost Modeling, Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska

The National Park Service, US Dept. of Interior, has published a new technical report by Santosh Panda, Sergey Marchenko and Vladimir Romanovsky of the GI Permafrost Lab: online at

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