Calling All Selawik Pilots and Hunters

Investigators Vladimir Romanovsky and Reginald Muskett at the GI Permafrost Laboratory are conducting a Satellite Reconnaissance Survey of the Selawick region. The composite image shows a possible ground-disturbance feature about 11 miles east of the Selawik Airfield. The feature itself is about 33 (inner diameter) to 130 (outer diameter) feet across. Ground truth is needed! Do you have any ground photos of this feature?

Whether Climate Change, The Northern Russia "Craters": The Romanovsky Hypothesis (2)

In another interview yesterday Dr. Romanovsky spoke more of climate processes regarding
the mysterous northern Russia "craters" and his hypothesis of their formation, such as
Climate Change over the recent 100 or less years. The full a ticle is at Vice News:

Northern Russia "Craters": The Romanovsky Hypothesis

Dr. Romanovshy, Professor of Geophysics at the Geophysical Institue, University of Alaska Fairbanks spoke to reporter Tanya Lewis at LiveScience, about the mysterous "craters" of Yamal and Northern Russia. Since their sightings many speculative mechanisms have been offered of their formaiion and why. Dr. Romanovsky gives a clear explanation of how and why such surface features can and are forming in permafrost regions.


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